8 Things to Consider Before Launching Your Website

Whether you are developing a website yourself or you are getting a web design agency to build it, you need to make sure you check your website is working perfectly before officially launching it.1. Cross-Browser checksThere are many different browsers which users can use to browse the Internet. All of these browsers render information differently, which can result in your website appearing differently in each browser. Your website doesn’t need to look perfect in every browser, but it should work correctly and the user’s interaction shouldn’t be prohibited. The most common browsers to check are Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8 (MSIE 6, 7 and 8), Firefox 2 and 3, Safari, Opera and Chrome. You can check how your website views in many browsers using BrowserChecks, a free cross-browser checking website.2. Proofread your copyI can not overestimate the importance of reading your content and then re-reading it, and finally getting someone else to read it. It’s amazing how many small errors you will find; even when you think you have proofread it all.Also, if you or your friends are getting bored when reading through the copy, it’s not a great sign about how interesting your copy is. You should look at splitting some of the copy up into more easily digested sections.3. Check all your linksYou must check all your links, it is very easy to misspell a pages URL or forget to include the http:// on external links. Some links you might prefer opening in a new window, have you checked they do?You should ideally check all your links manually, however this may take all day if your site is very large, instead you can use a link checking tool, which will return any broken links it finds, Xenu Link Sleuth is a free link checking tool that I highly recommended.4. Check your forms and shopping basketsHave you checked that all your forms work and the correct information is sent to the correct people? Data capture is an important aspect of any website; the correct user’s information must be sent to the relevant users. Run a test, make a fake enquiry and then check with all the users that they received all the information they required.Can you enter incorrect information into fields in your form? Can you submit your form without entering all the required fields? You should test your form validation to remove any incomplete emails being received.If the site is an eCommerce site, create a 1pence product and purchase the product, did all the required steps proceed as predicted?If you can create an account, can you log in successfully and access the require admin areas?Finally check the user experience of interacting with your website, was the site easy to interact with? Was it obvious when your interaction was complete? Were you taken to a thank you page?5. Installing analytics tracking softwareWould you like to know how many visitors your site is getting? Where these visitors are coming from? And what they do when they are on your site? To track all this information you need to install an analytic tracking software program like Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a free tracking packing from Google but unlike the traditional ‘you get what you pay for’ saying, Google Analytics is an extremely advanced and powerful analytics package.6. Adding an XML sitemapIf you are unaware what an XML sitemap is and why you need one, read my ‘XML sitemap walkthrough’ article. If you are aware of what an XML sitemap is, then you must upload one, and then submit it to Google Webmaster Tools.If you are using WordPress you can install the Google XML sitemaps plug-in, which will automatically update your sitemap when you create new posts, categories and pages.7. Customised 404 pagesThe most commonly overlooked aspect of web development is the 404 page. This is the page that the user sees if they try and access a page that doesn’t exist. It is the standard white page with ‘The page cannot be found’ text. This page can be modified to contain your standard layout and navigation, with a personalised ‘page not found’ message. This is useful to retain as many wayward visitors as possible.8. ValidationAlthough making your site validate is not of major importance, approximately 80% of all websites do not pass current validation criteria. However it should still be checked to find out if any major errors could be affecting your site. Some errors could even stop the search engines from accessing your pages, which in turn would stop your site from appearing in the search engines. You can check if your pages validate at the W3C Validator.

If You Don’t Do This Your Next Product Launch Strategy Will Flop – I Guarantee

I’m assuming here that you have chosen your particular niche for a reason that runs just a little deeper than your desire to earn a few dollars. Your market is something that interests you. In fact, you may well have a passion for that particular hobby, craft or business. So its odds on that you can identify with your core customers in some way already. That’s a good start.

When it comes to launch marketing, one of the huge benefits of an appealing story is that it resonates and builds an emotional bond between you and each individual prospect. You are talking their language; parroting their phraseology; pushing their hot buttons; and empathising with their pains and frustrations. You are listening to their conversations and becoming one of the crowd

This is powerful stuff.

You are being friendly, establishing trust and building your authority all at the same time.

Remember that we all first make an emotional decision to buy and then later justify that decision by using logic. So building a strong emotional bond should be one of the central planks of your product marketing strategy. Your prospects must like you as a person. They must see you as a credible authority. And They must trust you.

If this is not part of your product marketing plan, you’re making a big mistake.

Sadly, storytelling is one of the true lost arts of the digital age. For centuries, people have relied on storytellers to provide them with news, information, and entertainment. In the 20th century that ancient art was eroded by mass communications, and now, with so many competing sources at our fingertips. People have forgotten how important and powerful the art form of telling stories can truly be.

Now as we sit round our digital campfires, AKA our computer screens, the few master storytellers that still exist also entertain us as they sell to us. Not overtly of course, but by providing valuable content embedded with a series of mental triggers that engage us and lead us to want to reciprocate.

Warning: If you do not entertain your prospects and endear yourself to them during your launch, there is something seriously wrong with your launch marketing story.

Product Launching – Importance of the Product Launch Process For Your Online Business

A product launch is as importance as the product itself. If you have he desire to make money by selling your creative art, you need to realize the importance of a product launch process. Given below are a few tips to success.

Share your profit margin with affiliates

Affiliates are trained to advertise your product and hence they prove effective in driving traffic towards your product. You would need to share a percentage of your profit with the affiliates but each penny spent is worth the effort. This is an imperative process of a product launch system.

Look for a business partner

If you need to make money through your product, you need to look for a suitable partner, one who is willing to help and take interest in your work. For that, you need to explain about your venture in a proposal which is free of grammatical errors. This process involves that you explain yourself in a flawless manner for incorrect sentences can put off an interested buyer.

Make the use of social book marking sites

Social book marking sites are important if you wish to drive traffic towards your website. For that, you need to ensure that you join the relevant site and share your ideas with them. This is another aspect of a successful product launch process.

Hire an agent to do your job

Internet marketing has now become serious business with big players often hiring professional organizations to enhance their sales. You can do the same because a product launch process would require a lot of publicity.