7 Reasons Why Right Now is the Very Best Time For You to Launch Your Own Website

Once you have made the decision to start a website, when should you begin?

The best way to answer this question: right now! Here’s why.

First, you won’t actually begin benefiting owning your site until it is launched. The benefits can mean more revenue, and also may result in reduced costs to address customer service problems. One use of a business website is to show customers how to use your products right on the website itself, saving your staff from dealing with these issues on the phone.

Secondly, aged domain names have a tendency to rank higher in Google searches than younger domains. So the older your domain, the better advantage you have in web searches.

Third, it’s rather difficult to begin getting the word out about your site until it’s actually live. And because the impacts of web promotion add up over time… and because you can only do so much in any given day, you should get started on your promotion right away. Some of the means of promotion you can do are writing articles, video, write press releases, commenting on blogs, and marketing on forums.

Fourth, starting right away means you can start “catching up” with your competitors that much sooner.

Fifth, if most of your competitors do not have a website, starting a website today puts you that far ahead of the competition. People often think it’s too difficult to start their own site, so they put it off. Or they have heard horror stories about how much it costs to have a professional designer do it or how hard it is to get changes made.

Sixth, having a website will make prospects and existing customers feel better about doing business with you.

Seventh, because the average person requires several different interactions with you before they will buy, a website can lessen the personal interactions required to induce your prospect to spend money with you. By including articles or documentation on your website, you can help the prospect get to a buying decision with little direct effort on your part.